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Our Strategy

FourClaps Digital Media Consultancy, which is unique in every respect, has also made its mark in political branding.

Micro-level management is a feature of the political wing of FourClaps. The composition of a candidate's ward takes into account the preferences of the voters in it and Fourclaps formulates its strategy accordingly. FourClaps specializes in differentiating primarily by considering the candidate's position, the party, and the population in the ward.

This innovative concept of online lecture series was first launched by FourClaps in Pimpri Chinchwad. FourClaps covered a wide range of topics such as education, sports, banking, history, cyber security, etc. This lecture series got a huge response from the citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad. Many sensitive issues important to the society were addressed on the occasion of these lectures.

FourClaps is expanding its work in Wakad, Chinchwad, Thergaon and Dhule. In the future, FourClaps intends to sharpen political campaigning through news portals.

In this way, FourClaps is contributing to the political arena. We are very proud that FourClaps is emerging as a leading company in the field of election management in the future.